Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh doh~

lama suda tidak on ini pc kerna begitu bz kununnye utk study..

tetap dpt LG, SONY, n waitin 4 olympus pen..aha!! sweet gile lah kalau dpt!! kalau adalah lebeh kepada ketidakmungkinan..ehem~

life macam great tp bila part gado2..tensen2..test2..mcm haram je..test khamis..start study jumaat a week b4..rabu tu da lebam2 mls bila kames tu tak dpt jawab sbb da lupe..ape jadah!!!lalala..da lepas..lantak lah..

n into dis kinda great song from zee avi...darlin' it aint easy

I’m down to my last stick of cigarette I’m down to the last thought in my head  You saw me packing my bags You asked me if I was coming back And I told you that I wasn’t sure and I’m 5 steps away from out the door  Darlin’ it ain’t easy for me to say goodbye but I have found myself another guy  You look confused And I dont blame you But you’re never around enough for me to love you me to love you  Darlin’ you don’t deserve me you don’t deserve my love I had plenty to give but you shrugged it off  Don’t think I dont know about the hair on the pillow and it seems like what we had was just a show was it all just a show?  Darlin’ it aint easy for us to say goodbye I just hope that we’ll have better lives..
p/s....hanya beberapa patah je la can describe my feelin 2wards him..yg lain2..tidak..aha~

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